Wednesday, August 27, 2008


YES! We got the internet back up, I posted Twilight, and I posted a trailer for a movie that I started last Saturday.

My name is Jake; this is a story about me and my adventures in a strange land. First there is day, and then there is darkness, and then there is a realm in between; in witch we call Twilight. Things happen in the Twilight that wouldn’t happen elsewhere, a friend, a battle, and a place called Twilight.

I like what I put as the description, it suits it. Like most of my stories, the background is black. I'm not goth, it just suits the storyline better.

I think it's dying; people rarely log on, topics aren't moderated like they're supposed to. Of course, that's the way all things go. New things get old and aren't used as much as they should be.

YouTube: I posted a trailer for a new LEGO movie I'm making. It's really a Re-Do, but it might as well be a different movie; I put so much extra stuff into it.

Life: It's getting back to 'Normal' whatever that is. Seminary started Tuesday, but my HomeSchool academy doesn't start until tomorrow. (Thursday)
Sorry I don't blog very much, it's kind of hard to find what to say.
At the top there should be a mildly insulting image. I love it!
It's from my Flickr.