Monday, November 3, 2008

What in the world do you call a Remix of a Remix?

This is my question.  Question it is, because answering itself, it does not.  Mocking Yoda, fun it is.

That really is my question for the . . . hour.
Or minute.
Or Bicentennial Pigeon.  L O L (Inside joke...)

I want to have a Climax, but I don't know what it should be...
Heh, another short post with no value.....


Katrien Scarlet said...

YODA!!!! He's kind of cute in a little green wrinkly ET sort of way.... And I agree, it is pretty fun to do so... I'm just not that great at it xD

And the question of the title confuses me...
Climax for what?
And it still has value... I think that all posts have value regardless.

Kyle Hendricks said...

Ah, whoops, the climax for a book I'm writing. It's already 56 pages long!