Monday, January 12, 2009

*eyes water, Hack, cough, spit.

I'm sick.  As I write this, my eyes are watering and it's getting harder to see the keyboard.  Thoses NaNoWriMo skills at typing wothpit looking should come on handy, O si[[pse.

LOL, yeah, at least that was somewhat dicipherable.  . .  mostly.
I don't know what else to say, except have a great January, and don't eat stewed cabbage.

- Kyle


Kendra Logan said...

I agree. Stewed cabbage is a big no-no. :) Hope you feel better!! I absolutely HATE being sick.

Kyle Hendricks said...

LOL, thanks. =)

Stina said...

ive had it before in wasnt that bad but ............. Alone.... shivers

so you have to look at the keyboard to type?

Kyle Hendricks said...

I used to, but I'm getting a lot better at not having to. I rarely have to in Chat's, and it's just a little bit different when you aren't looking.

Cameron said...

(yeah its still stina)
i used to have to look all the time now i never have to unless im trying to type in a password and i mess up a BILLION times then i look and never figure out what keys i was typing instead

mariposa said...

Hey, Kyle! Hope you're feeling better :) I was sick last month & it was no fun at all.

By the way, thanks so much for the comment you left - it meant a lot :)