Tuesday, January 6, 2009


It's going downhill faster than a crash landing hyper-sonic jet going at full speed.  The 'G' rating has nearly lost all worth, and in Mr. Bean's Holiday, one of my favorite movies, despite being rated G, had a young child in it that said the D word more than five times.  This is in a G rated movie.

PG seems to be somewhat stable, although more and more movies are going right up to 
PG-13, which has had an upslide of sexual content, drugs, alchohal, and profanity than ever.  I'm not saying that I have ever supported Profanity or those other things that are listed above, but it's getting harder and harder to find anything to watch.
Not only in movies, but in Comic books, Novels, and video games, things are getting increasingly more violent and profanity-oriented.  I wish that the movies would start getting better - instead of worse.  I watched Cloverfield a while ago, sometime in April of last year, and it had more of the S word in itthan any other movie I'd ever seen, and that's saying something. The profanity and the references alone made it nearly unbearable to watch, and even then I was a little grossed out when what's-her-name exploded.
Horror movies are also getting worse, not that they were ever anything good to watch.  It's disturbing the amazing creativity that we humans have when we want revenge, or want to creep someone out.
Maybe we should target that creativity to something better, like drawing peaceful unicorns in a meadow with a ranbow in the background and a beutiful clear sky?
Yeah, when was the last time that you saw that besides in a three-year-old coloring book?

My point is, the media has more control over us than the government sometimes has, I think.

Sorry for a somewhat depressing post.
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Stina said...

naw you are completely right the media controls who we vote partially to by how they portray the presidents to name a few. And what if the media decided not to mention a major disaster that happened in Iraq or something we would NEVER know!!!

Kendra Logan said...

I've been thinking this too! It's crazy, isn't it??

Kyle Hendricks said...

Very, very crazy. =D

Kendra Logan said...