Friday, February 6, 2009

It's hard.   Ever tried to define Wisdom, Virtue, Courage, ect?
Yeah, it's actually somewhat hard and somewhat easy at the same time.  ;D

Anyway, on Combat Arms, they released the latest patch.  In it, they released a new level, called RattleSnake.
On the BRAVO side of the level, there are two heavy garage doors with a switch in the middle.  One player named TicoRico, or something like that, would come in and kill everyone in the base and then run out just as fast.  I finally closed the door and told everyone on our side several times that it we opened the door, we'd all die.  Unfortunately, a player named Noobtiago opened the door three times in a row and we all died.
  Did this imply that maybe, the player Noobtiago lacked wisdom, because he didn't use the information I gave him?
Or did this player simply not pay attention to the chat because there're so many pure newb's that swear (well, sort of.  CA has a Swear filter that turns real swear-words into two asterif's.  **  So instead, the players say 'Dam' or 'FK' or '@$$' to get their meanings across.  If they start 'swearing' at me, I usually can just headshot them and then not pay attention to the chat anymore.) at all the good players simply because the good players are better than them?

Kyle, signing off.


Kendra Logan said...

Lol, interesting way of getting around the cussing. I would never have thought of that. Sorry you died ;) Lol!

Cameron said...

Well first of all I wonder if the non newbs loose respect for the newbs who cuss their integrity away simply because they havent mastered their skills yet.
I think it was because he was ignoring the chat because of the cussing