Monday, March 2, 2009

Something Hopeful

I finally got some progress done on LIFES today, before Seminary.  It's only a few lines, but that gives me hope.  Lines usually explode into chapters, and books need a beginning, even if it isn't the beginning.  =D

Sorry for all the short posts.  What I'm going through right now isn't interesting, and. .  well, all of my follower's are girls.  >.>


Kendra Logan said...

Some progress is good progress! And you're right about the beginning.

Lol about the followers. :)

Cameron said...

I cant help but notice that you keep bringing that up....
you are a ladies man get over it!!! (still exempt from being anybodies lady)
Plus i don't count I am too much of a tomboy to be a gurl.
YAY LIFES... do that mean you are done with Invasion or are just moving on from its editing.

Kyle Hendricks said...

Cameron (rolls eyes at name), I mean that I feel like I can't say what is really on my mind *because* my followers are girls. Meaning that it's a GUY emotion. Get it?

Kendra Logan said...

Haha, I do. We'll try to be understanding won't we "Cameron?" ;)