Friday, April 10, 2009

Trying to keep up with life

It's hard.  I wish I could say that I sometimes wonder if I really want to go on, but I don't.  I don't question things like that.  It's more like 'If there really was a tree that fell and nothing was around to hear it, would the tree actually fall?  Or would it just burst into nothing?' or 'If I go this way, and he goes that way, can I snype him out in time to save my team mates?'

My thoughts might be somewhat random, but I have a good memory when I want to.  I can perfectly remember a few things.  Not much, but a few moments of my life.


Liberty.  What is it?  I mean, really, isn't it all relitive?  If your neighbor has a grand piano and you have a retarted old organ, and you want his piano, do you have the freedom to just go and TAKE his piano?  Isn't that freedom?

It is.  FOR YOU.
It's not freedom for him, because it was HIS piano - not yours.

My thoughts lead me in circles
My train of thought crashes
My pulse beats within me
And yet I die  
I die more every day
So live like this is the last,
The end,
The final,
And tomorrow was never there,
Because you're still here,
Because there is no tomorrow.
There is only now.

So make an impact.  Take out the garbage; go the extra mile.

Be who you want to be.

"Oh what more can I say; Be ye wise!"

If I had one last thing to say before I died, it would be 'And if ye keep my commandments and endure to the end, ye shall have eternal life, which gift is the greatest gift of all the gifts of God.'
D&C 14:7

i'd say that if I kept the commandments, or else I'd probably just gurgle and die.  lol

Random enough . . .



Kendra Logan said...

Random? Maybe. Meaningful? Yes! :) Great post!

Cameron said...

Don't forget that while you are trying to keep up with your life, there are a bunch of people running along side of you. Your family, your friends. You can always ask them to help you keep going.
Yeah kinda random too...

Sandy F. said...

Family will always be there, dont ever forget young man and no more [url=]sweating while sleeping[/url]

Sandy F,

Anonymous said...

Love the Blog, Great Job.

Anyways, thank god spring is finally here :-), so tired of winter this year :-(. Only problem I have with spring is that means summer is right around the corner and I'll be sweating while sleeping
all darn summer long here in Georgia.

Thanks for the Ramble Sandy F.