Saturday, July 4, 2009

Getting a Tablet

Well, I read the BoM (Book of Mormon) and am getting $100 from each of my grandparents. With some of the money, I'm getting this:

A Wacom bamboo fun tablet, small size, black color. And with this tool, I'm going to be drawing like nothing else. I'll be making a playlist of Mark Crilley's Anime tutorials on YouTube so I only have to click a few times to get to the tutorials.
I've also been watching an interesting Anime show called Gundam 00. It's intense and has epic battles, but there's a bit of swearing, which surprised me at first.
After I get the tablet, I may see if I can get a camcorder. I like to record the lightsaber battles that my cousins and I have the last sunday of the month.


Kendra Logan said...

You should get a Kindel (spelling?). Kindels are to books what iPods are to music. They're supposed to be AWESOME.