Thursday, September 17, 2009

NaNoWriMo 2009

It's coming up. Not too long now. I've already started outlining (and maybe some writing >_>) and I'm pumped. My sister's doing it too, and I hope that she makes it to the 50,000 mark. I'm going for 75,000 this year. Let's see if I'll make it.

For those who might be wondering, National Novel Writing Month is a contest that starts November 1st and goes to November 31st. The only goal: write 50,000 words. However, there are rules, such as not typing 'spam' a couple hundred thousand times to get to 50k. The only prizes for winners is a .gif file that says 'NaNo '09 winner!', but it isn't the prize that's the key.
To me, it's the determination. Writing 50k at 12 font with Times New Roman is around 100 pages I think, so it doesn't sound like much.
It can take a while to write that many pages, which is why we have a month total. The point of NaNo (IMO) is to prove to yourself that you can do something big like write 50k and at the same time get a story out of your mind and onto the computer.


Cameron said...

What do you have outlined so far? What is the topic of your future book?
.... GOOD LUCK!!!!