Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of sleep!

I am the worst blogger ever. XD
Is there an award for that?


Anyway, a lot of things have been going on. I'm in a class called TJYC (Thomas Jefferson Youth Certification) and the homework is big. Although most of it is reading, and not Essay's like last year, so it's not so bad.

Combat Arms: I kind of blew up at my clan. D: I was really mad at a few things that were going on in life and I had just done really, really bad in a game (4 kills and like 32 deaths) and so I just blew up. Although a friend didn't help. I blew up and ended up hurting my clan members. Anyway, I got over it, managed (somehow) to get my old position back in the clan (second-in-command) and my Kill/Death ratio keeps going up. Right now I have a 0.74 (bad) KDR, but considering it went from 0.69 (terrible) to 0.74 in two months, and I am 10,000 kills under, that's really good.
That would be like someone dying 10,000 times in 7 months and then getting 7,400 kills in two months. Which means that in another two months I should be positive.
I think... I hate math. D:

Writing: I'm writing a Zombie/Post-Apocalyptic novel for this years
NaNoWriMo, and I'm really hyped. So far I have:

Tyro (MMC (Male Main Character))
Reed (MSC (Male Secondary Character))
Charlie (MSC)
Adrian (FMC (Female Main Character)
Lexi (FMC)
Zombies (MMA (Multiple Main Antagonists))
(MMA = Made-Up-On-The-Spot :D)

Tyro is tough, but kinda of blank. He doesn't express emotions well (unlike his author) and is uncomfortable when someone's crying or happy, so he prefers solitude.

Reed is flexible, and is a family man. He knows his way around technology (sometimes..) and he really likes to cook, and whilst he knows about medicine and medical injuries, he's unaccustomed to have to do any kind of medical stuff.
(I hope that made sense...)

Charlie is a funny, even-tempered old man with an attitude against stupid people and good aim. He's usually, along with Reed, the comic humor throughout a dark storyline.

Adrian is 17, and really, really hates Zombies. Luckily she's-wait, nope, can't tell you that. XD
She has good aim (not) and has a clear mind. She is usually the second fastest (Tyro being first) to react to a new situation.

Lexi--well, not a lot is known about her. She's partially immune to the Zombiefication process, excepting her eyes, which have turned a dark red. She's Tyro's adopted sister.