Friday, October 16, 2009

Malware/Virus Killing my Acer

Yeah, somehow I got a virus or malware or a trojan onto my Acer. This REALLY sucks since it also had my NaNoWriMo outlining, plotting and the first 51 pages of the book. *cough*

Oh, AND it has Invasi|ion and LIFES on it.... and LIFES is almost done. I'm not sure whether or not I really like what I've done so far with LIFES. I mean, they- oh, wait,


Kk, erm,
They go to this nuclear testing facility and have to disable a nuclear reactor before it detonates and causes a massive explosion that would result in the death of everything on earth.
*takes breath*
So, they disable the reactor and a few surprises come from the roof. And then the Nuke goes off... and Alyx wakes up in a house.
Kyle's house.
Before any of it happens... and Kyle, Jake, Kara, Gabe, Maegan and Jair are all still there. o_o
So, I'm still debating if that's what I want to do... since it effectively kills off the whole Becca storyline, and there wouldn't be a third book.

I wish Stephanie was here so I could talk to her. But, alas, she's in DC. D:
Oh well. I can still talk to St-, I mean... Cameron. >_>


Kendra Logan said...

This post just now showed up on my dashboard. Blogger hates me sometimes.

Hmm, well, I'm not really that familiar with Becca, so I can't give a whole lot of insight there. It does sound exciting with the explosion catapulting everyone back to reality...if that's what happened...*dun dun dunnnnn*