Wednesday, October 28, 2009

New Map on Combat Arms

The latest map is called Grave Digger. It's a small map set in jungle terrain and is a ton of fun. The matches are short, but packed with action, and it's really easy to get Accolades there.

Double Kill [2 kills within 8 seconds of each other]
Multi Kill [3 kills within 8 seconds]
Ultra Kill [4 kills within 8 seconds]
Fantastic [5 kills within 8 seconds]
Unbelievable [6+ kills within 8 seconds]
Unbelievable+ [Any number above 6 kills. The sign Unbelievable+ is shown every time you get another kill within 8 seconds.]

I've yet to get an Unbelievable, but I'm getting closer.

Anyway, as for non-virtual life, the black laptop that I usually game on is dying... and slowly. First the shift key fell off, and now (Thanks to Kirstin) the sound jack is dying. You have to jiggle it just right to get it to work.


Kyle Hendricks said...

I got another fantastic, 2 Ultra's and 7 Multi's today. :D