Saturday, April 17, 2010

50 of 317

Stupid thing posted it twice before I'd even started typing anything. Fail for you, Blogger.

Before the writing stuff though, HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOSH!!! My brother is 16 now, and is at the freaking Senior Prom right now. I kinda expected that, being the older brother, I'd get to go first, but I'm happy that he gets to go. His date is nice, but before yesterday, they hadn't ever met. Long story.

Anyway, I've been editing my first book/novel thing for a few days now, and the memories it's brining from what I was feeling two years ago is rather freaky. There are a few scenes that I DO NOT remember writing, or even thinking of writing, and there are others that have stayed in my mind.

Other parts I only partly remember, and some others are only faintly remembered.

One thing I didn't really expect to see a lot was how much progress I've made as a writer since then. I didn't really notice it until I read pages 5-45 of Invasi|ion. It isn't as hard to convey emotions, it's easier for me to explain things with deeper meaning and less words, and I can connect with the characters a lot easier.

Another thing would be the plot. I honestly didn't think it was THAT messed up... until I re-read it after almost six to nine months without opening the file.
Wow. It was all over the place. It was so completely random that I couldn't even find the plot arc that I'd placed in it in NaNo '08. I couldn't really feel what the characters felt, I couldn't relate, I couldn't connect with them on the level that I wanted my readers to be able to do. Now, I think I can at least get a few steps closer to the book that I want it to be. The kind of book that doesn't just stay on the shelf after a single read-through, or the kind of book that is interesting for the first twenty pages and then is such a bore that they forget about it.

I want to be able to write the kind of book that will capture the audience. I want to be able to write something that will make people stay up and lose sleep and read what the characters have gone through. I hope I'm getting closer to that goal.

For the actual plot, I haven't made that much progress. Mostly I've been re-writing things that didn't make sense. I'm only 50 pages in, but already I've made a lot of progress making the beginning of the book look like something you'd find in a book, not something you'd find on a bunch of scrap paper in someones attic.

That was all a bit ramble-y. Oh well. Have a good night, folks. :)