Sunday, April 11, 2010

Fridge Leak and Sims 3

Our fridge sprung a leak yesterday, while I was at a live-action roleplay game. The fridge is fed water by a small tube that runs underneath the floor, and somehow it got a little slit. Now it's leaking down under the floor, to the side of the house and along the paint, reaching a hole and dripping right into the computer room. Good thing we have tile instead of carpet in there. -_-

I'll probably take a picture after church.

Sims 3:
Yesterday we got Sims 3 and have been playing it on my Mom's laptop. I made Kyle and Maegan from Invasi|ion on Sims and their personalities are exactly the same in the book, except Maegan has an odd cleaning tendency. I'll post screenshots of them as soon as I get the laptop back.

Oh, the other thing that bugs me is that I can't really cement what Maegan looks like in my head. I know what her body type is, and what color hair, and her hairstyle, and her eye color, but her face keeps fading and slipping. I guess I'll just have to re-read Invasi|ion and see if I can remember.