Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Waking up at 5:30

It doesn't give me anywhere near as much time as waking up at 5 does, but it also doesn't leave me so groggy that it feels like my brain is trying to swim through Jell-o. Not only that, but--and I didn't realize it until now--I get massive headache's when I wake up at 5. They only last until I eat, or until I go out and get into the car, but they hurt pretty bad, and I didn't get one this morning. I'm happy about that, and I'll probably keep waking up at 5:30.

As for the writing front of my life... heh. I haven't written much for the past two days. Yesterday I was so bored that I watched Arachnophobia on YouTube. (Yes, the entire movie, from beginning credits to ending credits, is on YouTube. No, the graphics AREN'T that good, since it was made 20 years ago.)

It brought back a lot of memories of why I love spiders. The way they move, the way the jumping spiders pounce... the way some kinds of spiders seem to analyze their target and match its movements. :D

Anyway, I'll see if I can get some more writing done today, after Seminary. I should be able to, but we'll see.

Good morning, people. Have a good day!



Wendy Sparrow said...

LOL. I liked Arachnophobia too. Hopefully you did get some writing done.