Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Six Months

There's a chance that, because of my addiction (ever annoying thing that I'm beating quite handily now with some Heavenly help) and the program I'm going through, I may be held back from going on my mission. For six months.

Not really liking that, but if that's how the situation ends up, I'm going to be mad and happy. More time to get ready, but it'll be weird going out when I'm 19 ½ instead of 19.
*shrugs* What comes, comes.


Nathan said...

You know I didn't go right at 19, and that extra time for me became the setting for some of my most powerful scripture learning moments as I came to recognize the Lord's voice in His word. It helped my testimony really become fortified for when I would share that with others who would come to know the gospel.

Your preparation time will be worth it, and you can use it to elevate yourself to right where the Lord needs you to be. That "heavenly help" you mentioned is a very powerful thing.

You'll be a great missionary! I'm so excited for you to get out there. It changed my life, and still today my experiences during my mission influence how I act and what I do in extraordinary ways.

Kyrenius-X2 said...

Thanks, Nate. I hope I can really spiritually prepare myself for that time. I don't feel ready right now, to be honest, but I'm gathering the steps I know I need to take to get there into one place. With those steps, I know I'll be ready.