Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Quotes from, er, well, me...

"Love is bigger than anything, for love has no form. It simply is. It exists, it permeates everything, for it has no shape, and it is not limited in the physical. It is in itself a multiplicity of feelings, of words, thoughts, and actions in their purest form."

“Hugging: The ability to share deep, powerful emotions without saying anything. The act of loving without asking anything in return. The power to heal and the will to accept someone into your heart.”

And one Madi said that I redid:

‎”Love is unmeasurable. It cannot be stolen, nor bartered or traded. It cannot be bought nor sold, but only earned. If hoarded, it disappears - but it cannot be given too much, because it is as limitless as the hearts that contain it.” ~Madi Duggar
(I took her words and reworded it a bit, but it’s still totally hers.)

She’s awesome, pretty much.

Now I need to take on of Cameron's quotes and re-word it >_>