Friday, April 1, 2011

They scream 'Faceless' at me

I'm not I'm not myself
Feel like I'm someone else
Rotten and faceless
So hollow hollow inside
A part of me is dead
Need you to live again
Can you replace this
I'm hollow hollow and faceless

I've said it before. But I know WHY they repeat it endlessly. I'm finding myself, FINALLY. Not the me of the past 5 years. The kid before that. The one that's waking up again. The one that says let's kick some ass in this spiritual war. The one that says BRING IT ON. The one that stood up for himself.
Satan and his minions don't want that Jordan. They want the pathetic one, the idiot one that rationalized EVERYTHING that got him into the mess he was in. That ain't me anymore. Repentance is getting a whole new block of wood, I think this block of wood came with an upgraded package called 'backbone and brains'.
I get inspiration, I get knowledge, I get GOING when I get ANGRY. Because then my mind forces itself to 'autocorrect' and it snaps back where it should be - the straight and narrow. I get angry, and I get smart.
Satan's intent right now is simply to bring me down. That's all the mood battles do.
Well, at Sons of Helaman, we have a little session where we basically ask, "What did you do to piss Satan off this week?"
That's where I am right now. I'm sick of being trodden on, made fun of, mocked, cursed, and scorn inside of MY OWN HEAD by him.

The line's been drawn. Turn it up a notch, I dare you.