Thursday, June 24, 2010

Combat Arms... retiring?

I'm getting bored of it. No map packs or new guns or more modes will change how I feel. I've noticed that when I play, it just... it gets old really fast, and I feel like I'm being charged with negative energy. I get snappish and angry after I've lost a game, and when I'm on the winning team... it doesn't seem to matter. It's an uncomfortable feeling for me.
Being homeschooled has left me with one thing others don't have as much of: free time. With Combat Arms, 2 years ago, I figured out a way to fill that time. But now it just doesn't seem like a worthy "filler" anymore. And it hasn't been expanding my talents or improving myself or helping me fulfill God's role in life for me. Plus, I counted how much NX (Nexon's real-money in-game currency) that I've spent and it totals up to over $170.
One-hundred and seventy dollars. Do you know what I could GET with that right now if I'd saved the money instead!?
One thing for sure: I can't get the money or the time I've spent on the game back. I may leave it installed on my Mom's laptop, but I am not going to spend anywhere near as much time on it as I had done before.