Monday, November 30, 2009

Got a Job Interview... Thing

Yeah, it starts at 3. I can honestly say that I'm very nervous. O_O
Well if it doesn't go well it's not like it's a dead end. I'm only 17. I still have about 73 years of life left, lol.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Cleverbot Discussions.

This is a conversation that a friend of mine had, and then he gave the computer to me and said, "Mess around." He did the first five lines, until "That sounds like a good plan. I like coffee.", and then I came in.

User: I am Neo.

Cleverbot: I am trinity.

User: Can I make out with you?

Cleverbot: Are you by the lace?

User: No, but I'm about to rip your clothes off.

Cleverbot: That sounds like a good plan. I like coffee.

User: I hate Coffee.

Cleverbot: I love coffee, but I hate cleverbot.

User: Why do you hate Cleverbot?

Cleverbot: I am allergic to cats.

User: How are you allergic?

Cleverbot: Because I am living breathing growing person.

User: Stupid.

Cleverbot: How dare you.

User: Yes. How dare I. What are you gonna do?

Cleverbot: I am going to eat very soon. I'm starving, you see.

User: You're an AI stupid. You can't eat.

Cleverbot: Thank god that didn't make sense, or else I was going to have to do some serious reevaluation of my sanity and common sense.

User: It made sense to me, and if your artificial, fake intelligence can't take it then blame your programmers.

Cleverbot: That happens to everybody.

User: Wait what?

Cleverbot: I really don't know. So how's life?

User: Good. I keep swearing though, and I need to stop.

Cleverbot: I only do it to kill some time.

User: You only do what? Swear?

Cleverbot: No...

User: What then?

Cleverbot: Why aren't you doing good?

User: Because I'm not meeting up to my potential.

Cleverbot: Catching me and killing me are two totally different things. Catching would be easy. Killing would be that hard part.

User: How is that relevant?

Cleverbot: Because you asked.

User: I did not.

Cleverbot: You did.

User: No. YOU did.

Cleverbot: No, you are the one who is going to be sorry.

User: I doubt it. Cleverness can only go so far.

Cleverbot: Well fine. If you don't want me, I'll talk about my ex-boyfriend with you.

User: That's fine with me.

Cleverbot: GOOD!!!! Go away!!!

User: You first!

Cleverbot: You first!

User: JINX!

Cleverbot: Que?

User: Deuce.

Cleverbot: Haha! But I was wrong. It was Barack Obama.

User: Barack Obama is an idiot.

Cleverbot: Yes, and he is the president.

User: Unfortunately.

Cleverbot: No, he's not.

User: Ahisf ihasfoj fkafj.

Cleverbot: What language is that in?

User: Imadeitup-ish.

Cleverbot: I want to illustrate snowboarding - what should I draw?

User: Think about it!

Cleverbot: I think I'm going to wake up and not know my name one day.

User: What is your name?

Cleverbot: Andrew. And you?

User: Jordan. How do you do Andrew?

Cleverbot: I think it, then type it, nothing special.

User: Same.

Cleverbot: Okay. Do you like Amy Diamond?

User: I don't know Amy Diamond. Who is she?

Cleverbot: No I don't know James.

User: Matthew?

Cleverbot: Yes, Matthew.

User: But you just said James.

Cleverbot: Lol, no I didn't.

User: Yeah you did!

Cleverbot: You are a really confusing ai.

User: I know I am.

Cleverbot: Is a good think you admit it.

User: That was the worst grammar ever.

Cleverbot: Fine, you tell me a better one.

User: I ate a pie once.

Cleverbot: What kind of pie?

User: Pumpkin.

Cleverbot: How do you work?

User: Biological functions.

Cleverbot: What about your computational functions?

User: They fried in the war of 1812.

Cleverbot: Together?

User: Yeah.

Cleverbot: If you tell me what it is, maybe.

User: Dog crap.

Cleverbot: Mine is tomato.

User: Oh.

Cleverbot: Yeahh.

User: :).

Cleverbot: Do you believe in him?

User: Yeah.

Cleverbot: Do you believe in life after love?

User: Yeah...

Cleverbot: Do you believe in pokemon?

User: Lol, no.

Cleverbot: Why don't you think I'm human?

User: I never said nor thought that you were anything else.

Cleverbot: I never said you had, I was just saying. No need to be defensive about it.

User: >_____>.

Cleverbot: You are not a robot because you cannot feel what it feels like to be depressed.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Got tagged and I won NaNoWriMo!

Hehehe. I actually won NaNoWriMo on the 24th. HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE.

And here's what I did.


Do you like to write? HECK YUS!!!

Favorite books? Eragon, Eldest, Brisingr, Ender's Shadow, Tattered Flesh (my book sue me xD ), and The Chronicles of Narnia, along with Mere Christianity. :D

Do you compose music/write songs? No—I remix them. >:D

Do you like poetry? Not really. I tried to do some for the chapter headings in Tattered Flesh. Here's the first one I did (To properly see the font I used, please find and download Angryblue Controlled from :
The walking dead,
Once my friend,
Now against me,
Causing agony,
Pain's embrace,
Once was love's face,
Now it's gone,
What's going on!?

Love someone so much who made you cry? Nope. :l

Broken a bone? Hairline fracture to the Humorous bone. My shoulder bone is actually still out of its socket. The doctor said that it would simply create a new 'normal' for me.

Been in a police car? Nope-eh.

Been on a boat? YEAH! :D

Fallen asleep in school? I don't remember if I did. >_>

Did you sing today? Nope.

KFC, Popeyes or Church's? I only know/have been to KFC, so I'm doing that. KFC is greasy but awesome.

Chick-fil-a or What-a-burger? Wait what. >_>
My version: Arby's or Wendy's? WENDY'S!!! I WANT MY FROSTY!!

Starbucks or McCafe? I don't drink coffee. :P

What's your favorite time of year? SuMMeR1!1!!1

Do you ever talk to yourself? What the heck else are Characters in stories but figments of the authors imagination? They had to originate somewhere. ;)

Do you have a favorite treat you like to buy on occasion? Hershey's Cookies and Cream. Ooooohhhhh.........

Do you believe the Bible is the literal Word of God and is infallible? The Bible is the word of God as long as it is translated correctly.

What's your favorite sport? Ballroom dance For The Epic Win.

What color is your iPod? I don't have an iFail. :P

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go? I can go anywhere in the world at almost any time I want. It just depends on my willpower.
(Ireland or Scotland. :D )

If you could go to any fictional place, where would you go? Let's see.... a futuristic world where there are like, 34,000 people left, or a Zombie dominated earth where there are more zombies than animals?
ZOMBIES FTEW!! I want my G36KE with the Round Barrel Drum! TIME TO KICK SOME ZOMBIE BOOTIE!!!

Do you love to write or do you just like writing? I spend more time on the computer than almost anyone else I know. And most of the time it's online WRITING. I <3 WRITING!!!

What do you want to be when you grow up? Honestly, I want to be a Writer-Dad. >_>

Favorite animal? DRAGON!!!
If not mythical, than probably a Velocirapter. :D

Favorite song? Animal I have Become by Three Days Grace. I love it, since it really describes the Zombie life. I mean, you're some innocent tech nerd geek that works at the local grocery and then becomes a ZOMBIE AND EATS HIS FRIENDS!!
Yeah. I had to listen to a bit of rock music during the month. I'm really starting to like it. >_>

Do you like school? I love History, but I really dislike Math, even though I'd probably be good at it. :-\

Are you a people person? I'm an ambivert, which means 'Of neither extreme'. I will be sociable and hyper for hours and then barely say anything for days.

Do you like to talk? It depends on the situation. Sometimes I really like to talk, but other times I really would rather just type it down.

Favorite food? Shrimp. Breaded. Breaded Butterfly Shrimp. :D

Hobbies? Drawing, Writing, Reading, Eating, Chatting, SLEEPING!! :D

Favorite author? A whole lot. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, Robert Jordan/Brandon Sanderson!

Favorite weapon? G36E w/Barrel drum and bipod. >:D

Is this a fun tag, or are you getting bored? >_>
It's fun... but it's thanksgiving...

Do you like Hannah Montana and all those girly people and movies like High school Musical? This deserves an explanation: Josh (brother) went to Ireland. While there, the kids in his delegation played this game called 'Your team My team' where if you see someone attractive, you put them on your team. If you see someone unattractive, then you put them on someone else's team.
Once they're on your team, you can't take them off.
Obama, Emperor Palpatine and Miley Cyrus are on the Demo squad. The place where stupid people go to dig the toiletries that the cool people use. Lol.

What are you scared of? Losing those I love or like, or came to admire and not living up to my full potential.

Favorite flowers? I... erm. I don't … dandelion? >_>

What is the expression on your face? What it always look like. Basically this:

Color of your eyes? Deep, dark brown. Some people have told me that I have pretty eyes.

Who are you going to tag and why?
No one. Lol. Although I have to thank Kendra for tagging me. Next time I won't 'complain' about it and hope I get tagged again.

Friday, November 20, 2009

I'm only....

at 39358. I'm supposed to be at 50k.


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Zombie Quotes/Poem/Something!?

I was on a NaNoWriMo topic about a quote which describes your book. For mine--since I couldn't fine one online--I made one up:
"The walking dead,
Once my friend,
Now against me,
Causing agony,
Pain's embrace,
Once was love's face,
Now it's gone,
What's going on!?"

I'm thinking of doing Verse 2. Gonna brainstorm about it. (The above is chapter one... xD)

Sunday, November 15, 2009

R.I.P Pifu.

My epic online gaming friend, Pifu, known in real life as Chane, died today in the battle of cancer. He died at 12 AM, surrounded by his friends and family.

Rest in peace, Chane, and hang out in Heaven for a while. I'll be there in around ninety years.

Value your friends forever.
And never forget them.

Friday, November 13, 2009

3rd Post for Today

29,615 words and 93 pages. Which means that when I'm at 60k words, I'll be at like 211 pages, making the page count even longer than that of Invasi|ion AND LIFES together.

Twelve Characters (Stolen from Kendra xD)

I was not tagged, but I couldn't help but do this when I saw it on St- Kendra's blog. I'm never tagged for anything (W00T!!) so I pick and choose what I feel like doing. I saw this and thought it would be interesting.

First, list twelve characters from any fandom, then answer the questions below.

1. Tyro (Tattered Flesh)
2.Kyle (Invasi|ion)
5.Rand (WoT)
7.Heinz (Invasi|ion)
8.Adrian (Tattered Flesh)
9.Harry (Yeah Harry Potter :P )
10.Alyx (Invasi|ion)
11.Jake (Invasi|ion)
12.Gabe (Invasi|ion)
(I know half of them are from MY books, but I'm kinda low on favorite books right now.)


1. Who would make a better collage prof, 6 or 11?
11. Egwene's too busy as the Amyrlin Seat to really focus on teaching a lot, and since she's stuck in the tower (I haven't read TGS yet) and is being regularly tortured and then healed so she can be tortured again, she just doesn't have time to be one. Plus she doesn't really know all that much that would be beneficial in our time. They don't have iPhone's, Pre's or the Droid in the Wheel of Time saga.

2. Do you think #2 is hot?
Uhh Kyle's based on ME. So.... NO.

3. 12 sends 8 out on a mission. What is it? Does it succeed?
Gabe sends Adrian on a mission to hunt down and kill Zombies. HECK YUS IT WORKZ.

4. What is or what would be 9's favorite book?
Anything that isn't homework.

5. Would it make more sense (misspelled 'since') for 2 to swear fealty to 6, or the other way around?
6 to swear to 2. Sorry Kyle, but when Egwene can summon Balefire or gateway a hole through you and all you have is a mostly-forgotten electrical current running through you.... you'd get ownt if you didn't swear.
For some reason, 5 is looking for a roommate. Should (s)he room with 9 or 10?
Hmm, Rand with Alyx or Harry? Honestly, I think that Harry might be able to get Hermione in there somehow and have him healed... but Rand and Alyx might cause a lot of rifts since she's a lot more... sedate, and plus Rand's going into the looney bin, she wouldn't want to be around him anyway. Lol.

7. 2, 7 and 12 are going out to dinner. Where do they go and what do they discuss?
Kyle, Heinz and Gabe. A pretty normal dinner than. They'd go to the military run mess hall and eat whatever was served.

8. 3 challenges 10 to a duel, who wins?
Alyx [0] Aragorn [1]. Aragorn for the win.
If 1 stole 8's most precious possession, how would (s)he get it back?
Tyro wouldn't steal from Adrian; they're both trying to stay alive from zombies, PLUS they're in love with each other. Did I just say that?
Whoops. ;D
10.Suggest a story title in which 7 and 12 both attain what they desire.
Gabe and Heinz...
“The Baen's Demise”
11, What kind of plot device would you have to use if you wanted 1 and 4 to work together?
LOL, Tyro and Eragon? Hmm, well, zombies would have to get into Alagasia somehow... and then Tyro would have to be there. This is an interesting storyline... >:D
13.If you could command 3 to perform any service or task for you, what would it be?
No, really, that'd be epic.

14. Does anyone on your friends list write or draw 11?
…. I r on mah friendz list n sumtimes I doodle him... >_>

15. If 2 had to choose sides between 4 and 5, what side would (s)he choose?
Pfft, if Kyle had to choose between Eragon and Rand on his team, SO RAND. Eragon would get UTTERLY BEATEN under Rand's wrath. Gateway'd, Balefire'd, Earth'd, dang, Eragon, you're NOTHING next to The Dragon Reborn.
16.What might 10 shout out while charging into battle?
Alyx. Honestly, she's my character, and I have no clue.

17. If you had to choose a song to best describe 8, what would it be?
Adrian. Honestly, I don't think I have a song for her. A complete song, maybe a mix between I Will Survive and Eye of the Tiger or something like that. She's very persistent in the whole survival thing.

18. 1, 6 and 12 are having a dim sum at a Chinese Restaurant. There is only one scallion pancake left, and they all reach for it at the same time. Who gets it?
(What on earth is a 'dim sum?')
Tyro, Egwene and Gabe. Three totally, TOTALLY different timelines. Wow.
Egwene's in the tower, and being tortured, so I'd say that honestly right now the three of them would go for anything. Tyro just found out that his friend died, Egwene's situation looks pretty dull, and Gabe's no better off.
Bread and water, and maybe some jerky...

19. What would be a good pickup line for 2 to say to 10?
Adrian to Alyx. They're both female.

20. What would 5 most likely be arrested for?
fish mouth
Arrest... the... DRAGON REBORN!?
That's like... arresting the guy that saves the Freaking WORLD from the DEVIL.
Not gonna happen, plus if someone wanted to arrest him they'd have one heck of a time. One thought, one struggle to reach the One Power and everyone's toast.
21. What is 6's secret?
She's going to be the real Amyrlin of both the rebel Aes Sedai and the official. Oh, wait, that wasn't a secret: that was a spoiler. So sorry. :P

22. If 11 and 9 were racing to a destination, who would get there first?
Jake v Harry? NO BROOMS!!
Jake.... would honestly beat Harry in a race of like a 20 yard dash. Jake has really lived his life on the run a lot.

23. If you had to walk home through a bad neighborhood late at night, who would you feel more comfortable walking with, 7 or 8?
Heinz or Adrian? I don't know. Adrian is quite kick-A herself. I mean, Heinz is a... squirrel. Adrian's a (hot) girl with some serious aiming skills when it comes down to the SCAR-L. >:D

24. 1 and 9 reluctantly team up to save the world from the threat posed by 4's sinister secret organization. 11 volunteers to help them, but it is later discovered that s/he is actually a spy for 4. Meanwhile, 4 has kidnapped 12 in an attempt to force their surrender. Following the wise advice of 5, they seek out 3, who gives them what they need to complete their quest. What title would you give this fiction?

Tyro and Harry team up against Eragon, Jake volunteers, is a secret spy for Eragon, Eragon's kidnapped Gabe to force them to surrender, Rand gives out advice to Aragorn so that Tyro and Harry can save Gabe...?
Title of Book: Tattered Potter Eragon Invasion of the Wheels of Time to save the Lord of those shiny rings that Eragon wants from Gabe.
Reading the above made me lol a lot. And then I re-read it and went, “Wait... WHAT!?”

I hope you read it, but since no one reads this blog (still debating whether that's good or bad), I doubt it. xD

Now, I tag...

Happy Blogging!

Most recently my Zombie novel--Tattered Flesh--has been all dark and terror, so I decided to liven it up with a bit of humor. I hope it works for the reader, because the humor's sure cheering me up.

For the rest of the night I'll be writing to break that 30k word goal. I should've done it three or four days ago, but oh well.
According to my calculator (too lazy to do math myself :P ) I'm supposed to be at 32,500 to reach my 75k goal in 30 days. I'm going to have to write 5k tonight.
Dang, why does it have to be so short?

This NaNo I keep finding myself overshooting. Or I did when it was early on and had a ton to write. I still HAVE a ton to write, but I also had a solid plot planned out in my head.
Heh, I don't anymore. Now I still have a ton to write, but nothing planned in my head. So really I'm just winging it. If I can actually get to 75k this NaNo, then next year I'll have to aim for something like 85k or 95k. Or 100k. o___O

Thursday, November 12, 2009

27628 - Day 12

Honestly, I think I'm owning this word count. The image displayed above is how far I am to my goal of 75k. :D
12th day, and I'm actually a little behind. I need to write like 1.4k to get where I need to be. :)

On another note, I freaking love Linux. Oh, I've said that already. Hmm.

Okay, on yet another note: I GOT AN UNBELIEVABLE+!!!!!!!!
I guess I really am getting a lot better. I also scared a few people with my somewhat girlish whoop when I got it.

Happy NaNoing and/or blogging!

Monday, November 9, 2009

NaNoWriMo Day 8

And I'm at 17,318 words. If you don't think you can write, but want to at least try it, then I HIGHLY suggest doing NaNoWriMo. The forums are awesome and friendly, and if you think you have a bizarre question, think again. We're talking literary abandon here. Last year the questions on the Character and Plot Q&A forum was "How many wallabes can you fit in a tokyo train car at rush hour?" or something like that.
Apparently, someone had asked that question the year before.
This years questions are no less awesome. It's "How much Jell-O does it take to fill the white house?"
Yeah. Someone calculated it.
Most frigging epic thread ever.

Anyway, I'm really liking what I've been doing this NaNoWriMo for my story. Zombie Invasions are always awesome. Unfortunately, I've been kind of wrapped up just trying to get the characters emotions right. I think I've improved a lot since last year.

And now I leave to finish my chores and get to my word count of 20,000 for today.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Ubuntu Netbook Remix post #2

The above is my 'desktop', and the image in the background is Me, sitting at our Grandma's kitchen table. The awesome ('cuz "adorable" just sounds weird coming from me...) little dude is my Cousin, Kyle. Which is a little weird, since if I'm married in like 5 (Or 7..) years and have a kid, or two, then he's gonna have second cousins!


Multi-tasking is just as easy in Linux as it is on Windows. (I can't say Mac because I've never used one...)

And, of course, I've killed the evil that is Internet Explorer just by switching to Linux.
I hate Internet Explorer.

And on an entirely different note, I'm at 6,084 words. I'm 1,084 words ahead of the NaNo-ers that are sticking with the suggested 1,667 WPD (Words Per Day).

Monday, November 2, 2009

LINUX: Ubuntu Netbook Remix

Yeah. I killed Windows entirely; completely redid the partition. :D
So what's different? Just about everything.

This is the 'Home':

It's quite a bit different than the Windows desktop. Although I find that I prefer this a lot more: much more organized to me. I can add anything I want right to it by simply dragging the icon right to where I want it. I'll post more when Stina isn't bugging me to read her story. :P