Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I'm going through and editing Invasi|ion, the first rough draft, and now I really see why it's called a ROUGH draft.

I sent it to some friends and I think that either they've all died, fallen off the face of the planet, or just don't like me anymore.
Actually, that was a joke.  I'm just typing because I can.

I watched Kung Fu Panda and Star Wars: The Clone Wars yesterday.

Kung Fu Panda: ***** stars all the way.  It had me laughing within the first minute I sat down.
Star Wars: The Clone Wars: ***** Also five.  Star Wars had amazing CGI, and I like his Padawan.

I FINALLY got batteries for my stupid camera,and so I took a ton of pictures and uploaded them to FaceBook.  I might show a few here, too....

Monday, November 17, 2008


That's the word count.  My goal is 50000.  I do ti without comma's because that's how we are supposed to do it on NoNoWriMo.

I'm so close, but I'm re-writing the entire first chapter, and in december, the rest of the book.


Sunday, November 9, 2008

Invasi|ion and Twili|ight

I deleted because I don't want to have it as a blog.  When I copy and paste it into the blog text box, the fonts go all screwy.  I might leave up, but I probably won't.


I am a Republican.  And if the following statements don't make sense, then it's because I'm just weird that way.

Type it in with your favorite text editor ( or Microsoft word, and what ever Mac or Linux uses) and switch the font to WindDings. (Stupid name....)  A Passenger Airplane, Two buildings and the Pirate symbol, which basicly means Death?  And what in the world is that thing next to the death symbol? (I'm actually asking, as I have no idea.

Proposition 8 passed.  Personally, the idea of two guys marrying each other is alarming.  The idea of two Women marrying each other is also alarming.  Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve.  We shouldn't persecute one another, because we are all daughters and sons of God.  However, it says somewhere in the D&C that Gay Marriage is a sin, and God cannot look upon sin with the least amount of tollerance.  Could you imagine seeing two male sheep, uh, with each other?  We have Gender for a reason.

I do. Not. Like. How. They. Rule.  We are 7 Billion dollars in debt, but that just means that we have to stop buying freaking fifty-bazillion inches of TV's from CHINA!!  STOP BUYING THE STUPID TV'S!  THERE'S YOUTUBE AND SURFTHECHANNEL IF YOU WANT TO WATCH TV!  Democrats want to help everyone else before us, but we need to be healed before we can heal others!  You have to solve your problems before you can help anyone with any degree of value.  I may be a little screwed up in polotics, but I know that with Obama as President, we are going to get attacked.  Probably within the next six months!

Post a comment, Freedom of Speech is something that we have to use while we can.

Monday, November 3, 2008

What in the world do you call a Remix of a Remix?

This is my question.  Question it is, because answering itself, it does not.  Mocking Yoda, fun it is.

That really is my question for the . . . hour.
Or minute.
Or Bicentennial Pigeon.  L O L (Inside joke...)

I want to have a Climax, but I don't know what it should be...
Heh, another short post with no value.....