Friday, July 24, 2009

Plot Outlining of Future Story

And yes, I might be a LITTLE obsessed with the middle name of Kyle....


Kiel (Kyel) – Main Protagonist – Powers – Limited control of Technology

Teirial (Tier-ial) – Secondary Protagonist/Love Interest – Powers – Limited mind control

Riyin (Rai-Hin) – Main Antagonist – Powers – Unlimited ability to direct shadow/darkness



· Kiel, Teirial are born

· 2246: Kiel feels the ability surface in him as he directs a malfunctioning android to reinstate its proper programming

· 2247: Teirial has her ability surface when she directs her teacher to skip the homework for the day—to which most of the class is amazed, since she is a very strict teacher

· 2249: Kiel and Teirial leave their city to find out if their parents are really their parents, or if this is all some sort of elaborate test


· Kiel and Teirial celebrate their 17th birthday’s together, alone, in a deserted warehouse on the outskirts of a gigantic city that spans over three-hundred miles in all directions and is famed for its incredibly low crime rate

· Still trying to find out if their parents are really their parents, Kiel breaks into a global database to see if he can find himself

· He finds himself, but he is listed as “Dead – Subject found beaten to death outside of his house – 2249”

· Kiel looks up Teirial’s file: “Dead – Subject found murdered next to Kiel Saviri”

· Kiel looks up the last name ‘Saviri’

· Saviri is the last name of the professor that started Saviri engineering—a mutation project that would give specially selected babies abilities, like Kiel’s ability to interact and connect with technology, and Teirial’s ability to direct people to her will

Kiel walked down the street with his hands in his pockets. He knows that Teirial is watching him from the corner of her eye, but can’t be bothered by it. They were eight, and Kiel was concerned by what the government was doing with their class. Every day, at lunch, there was another kid that got sent into a special room for the rest of the school day, and then went out at night. It had happened to a friend a week ago, and he said that he wasn’t allowed to discuss what had happened inside.

A kid quickly got out of the way as Kiel was so absorbed in his thoughts he almost ran over him.

“Please, sir, watch where you’re going!” Kiel looked up and apologized.

“I’m sorry—I need to watch what I’m doing.” The kid nodded and smiled slightly. Teirial rolled her eyes at Kiel, but he ignored her. Something’s wrong. Something’s not right. If only I could figure out what!!

“Are you okay?” the kid asked. Kiel focused and the kid swam into view. He was looking at Kiel like he was insane, and then Kiel realized that he had spoken aloud.

“Yeah; fine. I’m just really wound up over what happened a week ago.”

Teirial nodded, and then she woke up.

“Teir, you okay?” Kiel whispered.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Getting a Tablet

Well, I read the BoM (Book of Mormon) and am getting $100 from each of my grandparents. With some of the money, I'm getting this:

A Wacom bamboo fun tablet, small size, black color. And with this tool, I'm going to be drawing like nothing else. I'll be making a playlist of Mark Crilley's Anime tutorials on YouTube so I only have to click a few times to get to the tutorials.
I've also been watching an interesting Anime show called Gundam 00. It's intense and has epic battles, but there's a bit of swearing, which surprised me at first.
After I get the tablet, I may see if I can get a camcorder. I like to record the lightsaber battles that my cousins and I have the last sunday of the month.