Monday, May 2, 2011

Scaring myself

I'm having depressed thoughts again. This is unusual lately because this is day 82. I had them most like day 30+. Maybe these aren't withdrawal related, but natural. That'd be a bit of a relief. That would at least mean that I'm over the stupid withdrawal symptoms and on to normal...ness.
Still. Not fun. *shrugs*


Nathan said...

I hate days like this. For mine I usually resort to chocolate and a good, happy movie. What About Bob... Gods Must Be Crazy I, or II... Seven Brides For Seven Brothers... It's A Wonderful Life(which should not be just a Christmas movie)... Princess Bride, Sandlot,

But then again, watching movies really burns out my wife, so maybe that wouldn't be good if you're like her. In any case, I hope your day worked out okay, and that tomorrow is better. Pray hard!