Sunday, September 14, 2008

Book Review #1/ A RolePlay.

Occasionaly I will do Book reviews, in this case, yes I'm a guy, yes I know this is a book intended for girls, no, I'm not Emo or Goth or whatever, but the first one is : Princess Academy.
Why in the world did I read it? I was desparate for something to read, saw this, picked it up and started reading. It was actually pretty good! It was kind of refreshing to get away from the violence that I've been reading for the last few years. I'd give it 4.5 out of 5. It was cool, but in some places it seemed like there wasn't quite enough detail, and I wished that it'd been longer.

I've always liked chatting online with other people around the globe, so I established a forum on InvisionFree called Brick_Cave. It was fun, but due to a number of things, I couldn't be on, and there wasn't enough members for the forum to grow very much, so I re-made it on ZetaBoards and re-named it Brick Cave2. You can find the address below.

If you like RolePlaying or LEGO or BrickArms, or just want to chat, please sign up!

I have no IDEA what the storyline is, except what I've written so far. I just started typing in Microsoft Word and that's how I got the entire first post! After that, I've added on, but I don't really know what the storyline is BESIDES this:



Jake is Kyle's long lost twin brother, Kara is a clone of Alyx, Gabe is actually a king, and the "King" that outlawed Technology; is actually a genetically altered Boron in disguise. Twilight is actually a being that, every three days, forms a bond with certain objects at random locations. The first day, when Jake, Gabe and Kara were still in the Mayor's house, the being called Twilight formed a bond with them. Every three days after that, they get transported into the Invasion timeline. At the beginning of Invasion, Kyle sees a strange light in the next door neighbors house. That is Kara, Jake and Gabe transporting into Todd Johnson's house. A few lines later, when Kyle is in the future, he sees the same light. This is when a new character called Ven is killed and Jake, Kara and Gabe are transported back. Far later, Kara and Alyx switch timelines, much to Jake's and Kyle's confusion. Kara and Alyx both have Red hair and Green eyes, something that I was obsessed with when I was younger. (Invasion was originally called "Electron" and was about a bunch of teenagers that are attacked by a misterious figure. The main stars name in that was Even Eleck. I wanted to associate him with Electricity as much as possible. The story itself often contridicted itself, and there was an unfortunate lack of Grammar.) Alyx helps them get to the King and kill him. Kara accidentaly detonates a nuclear bomb, set for a half an hour. The case around the bomb is virtually indestructable, so Kyle grabs her, runs to a hovercraft and goes straight into the atmosphere. The book switches to Alyx, and the last line should be something about "Evil is never truly beaten, it just fades, away, patientely waiting for the next time to gather and strike."




mariposa said...

Wow, "Princess Academy"? I'll have to check it out :)

Kyle Hendricks said...

It's a good book, but the text is huge.