Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Other user's comments on INVASiiON.

" You don't have to be scared guys, comments are welcome. Think of this like Super Mercenary's inspiring story; WAR.
Only, I'm writing it and right now there isn't anyone dying."

Super Mercenary:
"Sweet! A compliment!"

"WAR is definitely deserving of it, I love reading it!"

Big B's Llama: (Yes, that's his name.)
" Ok good, I read this twice and wanted to comment, but thought you would get mad.

Super Merc, definitely worth it!"

Me, quoting Big B's Llama:
"Don't worry! I love constructive criticism!"

Big B:
" Oh well in that case...

*pulls out 200 page essay on all the things that are wrong with Invasion

"I've been waiting for a looong time to break this puppy out..."

Break it out then! Throw everything that you've got at it!

I'm more ready than you would think..."

WinterWolf, who is not on Blogger:
Lol! nice, very funny.. But you would have twice as many if you read my book..."

Big B:
" It would take hours to write everything, but I'll just write this.

How the heck did that get in there?
So what, I procrastinated! :D

Winter has book?
please give me details!"

" Um, Wintr haz abowt fordi fiv bookz."

WinterWolf, with some bad Grammar:
" Oh be quiet! Yes I have a book, Unfortunatly my dad redid the computer so its lost."

Big B:
" oh, that's not good! You didn't keep it anywhere on the e-net?"

" Nope, I joined lulu but I couldn't figure out how to transfer the book from microsoft word, So I didn't. -_- I think I might rewrite it though"

Big B:
" Oh, I feel bad! Well lets get back to Jango's story! Awesome!"

(This is from my forum, so my name there is "Jango-Jordan")

Super Mercenary:
"Very good Jango! I like it, but I like my story better. Why? It's because it's kind of hard to follow your story. Still, it is a very good story."

*After three huge posts

Super Mercenary:
" This is getting good. I might have a rival in the story thing."

" That's what I knew when you started WAR!"

Big B:
"lol, I vote that JJ's story wins! Even though it's kinda hard to follow... Is this all a dream? Because he went to bed in the present and woke up in this which is kind of confusing."

Super Mercenary:
"My thoughts exactly, except for the first part."

Big B:
" lol, never said that yours was bad!"

Me, with a spoiler:
" Okay, so in the first post, when he walked through the doorway:

He walks through the doorway and into the future. An unknown being calling itself "i i" transported him from 2021 to 2027."

Yes, I know that I keep renaming the being, but I've finally decided on "i i".


mariposa said...

Lol, interesting dialogue :)

& thanks a ton for the comments you've been leaving - I'm so glad you like my posts :)

Kyle Hendricks said...

I love reading you posts! It makes me think, and in more ways than one.


mariposa said...

Thanks so much :D

Kyle Hendricks said...

It's fun to comment!