Monday, October 6, 2008

I'm not sure....

I don't know how long I want Invasiion to be.  I guess that an average book is about 300 pages long, but I want Invasiion to be longer.  I guess I'll be as long as the story is.  In other words, if I told a story about a guy walking down the road, the entire story would be told in less than ten pages, but if you're trying to travel from Utah to New York to get onto a bout so that you could go to the Sahara desert, then it could be a pretty long book.


On the other hand, if you packed enough detail into it, a book could be thirty thousand pages long and only cover a few lines of information!


mariposa said...

Wow, a thirty thousand page book - that would be amazing. But it's so true what you said about detail and information.

Kyle Hendricks said...

Can you imagine how long it'd take to read, or MAKE a thirty-thousand page book!?

Anyway, thanks for commenting!

mariposa said...

Hmm, maybe a year or two? :)

You're welcome!