Friday, October 17, 2008



A plank,
Step 1: do a pushup.  An army pushup, not a ninny one!
Step 2: stop at the apex (highest part) of the pushup.
Step 3: now hold it for a minute.
Harder than you thought, right?  Well now try to do it for over two minutes.  If you're like me, you would've collapsed.
Now do one every day for a year?  You won't be Ahnuld, but you'll probably be in better shape then what you started out to be.


mariposa said...

Hmm, sounds like some stuff I do at Taekwondo. But for two minutes? Yeah, that would really be pretty hard :)

Kyle Hendricks said...

Yep. I only made it to 55 seconds today, but I'd been doing it the right way and M comes out of nowhere and says "You're doing it wrong!" and so I started over, and figured out that I'd been doing it the right way all along, and so I didn't have enough energy to do it as long as I could have.