Sunday, April 12, 2009

Getting confused and afraid to ask

I think I went in over my head with LIFES.  I mean, I have

  • Two characters dating
  • One character pregnant
  • A ton of huge plot holes

And that's only what I can come up with on the top of my head.  >.>

I'll go into some detail as to what's going on, and maybe even do a summary of Invasi|ion and LIFES.


Kyle Hendricks and his sister Maegan are mostly average.  Life goes on, and the year is Two-thousand Twenty Seven.   Kyle and Maegan are sitting in the living room when a Quantum Warp flashes through Earth.  Kyle finds himself staring at the back of a red-headed teenage girl.  She turns around and finds him, and she recognizes his face as the main antagonist, Jason.  The base that Kyle appears in is suddenly under attack, and the Girl, Alyx, and Kyle find a way out.  They are taken by Alyx's uncle, Keith, to an underground bunker, and then from there to a canyon, where they are ambushed by the Baen.  They are taken into the air by an ACC-317 Spirit Hawk Drop-ship.  In-route to the base, they come under attack by flying Baen, and the ship crash-lands.  Kyle is stabbed through the leg with a special kind of metal that damages organs, and especially muscle.  Kyle faints from the pain and has to undergo surgery to recover.  With this surgery comes a special power - the power to absorb and amplify the electricity around him and in his body.
    Kyle wakes up and has to start training, which is basically just him electrocuting an orb in an effort to increase his output.  After several weeks of this, his teacher has a hangover and Alyx walks in.  The instructor begs her to hand him his alcohol, but when she does, she brushes the orb with her arm.  It releases all of the energy that it had stored up into her body and causes a heart attack.  She collapses and Kyle walks in.  He uses his power as a defiblerator and revives her before brain damage occurs.  After a dew more days, Kyle is informed by Keith that Maegan is being held up in New York by Jason, and that as soon as Kyle finishes his training, they will go and rescue her, but they have to make a side-stop to rescue Jake, Gabe and Kara, who were part of a simulation of life back in the Medieval times.  After a short rescue,  they make their way to New York in an old jeep and are road bombed along the way.  They are saved by a Spirit Hawk drop-ship and then flown to another base, where the entire United Earth Defense Force is readying for total invasion of New York.  They tag along are are taken straight to the small building that is holding the Baen queen and where Jason is holding Maegan captive.  A fight ensues and Keith is killed in the fray.
    The Baen queen isn't killed, but Jason and Jessica are taken captive.  They are taken on-board a massive ship, which is roughly two miles wide and two and a half long, where they stay and heal.
After a few days, Kyle and Jake are taken with an elite UEDF team to go and re-capture Jason, who escaped shortly after the battle.  Jason lures them into a trap, and knock's Jake and Kyle out and kills everyone else.  Jason proceeds to the bridge and kills everyone on it and then commandeers the ship to  a collision course with the sun.  He loads an anti-matter torpedo and sets the ship on lock, so that no one can tamper with the controls.  The ship flies into the sun and escape pods are launched.  Kyle, Kara, Jake, Alyx, Gabe and Spim land somewhere in Arizona and look up to see the giant ship explode into the sun.  They are picked up by another Spirit Hawk and are taken to a small community in Arizona, where they stay for around two months.  After a dance, Alyx is kidnapped by her old 'caretaker', Jack, who gave her a scar that went across her entire back.  Jack knocks her out and renders her body numb with a special kind of worm that clamps down on the neck.  Jack keeps her at his little house for only twenty-three hours before Maegan, in impersonation of Jessica, comes down and rescues her. 

I've edited the rest out in an effort to keep the end under wraps, although I guess that I've said enough about LIFES for you to guess the rest.  >.>

My problem is this:  Jason implanted a genetically enhanced embryo into Maegan, but I don't know if/how bad teenage girls have Post-Partom depression.  My Mom had it, and it was horrid...  she cried all the time and crap.  Terrible stuff.


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