Tuesday, February 10, 2009

What do you do. . .

. . . When a girl; a friend, a date, ect. is wearing something that is inmodest, but doesn't realize it?  It's see-through, but not enough to tell in the mirror?  How the heck do you tell her?

One other thing: Is it 'inmodesty,' or 'immodesty'?

"Hey, Jenny, um, can you change shirts really quick?  That one isn't really very modest."

"Claire, that shirt seems too tight.  Can you go and change?"

Maybe I'm just weird, but this has been on my mind for a while.

Also, this week's essay is on Courage.  This one should be easy, because I know the definition.


Kendra Logan said...

I would just say politely, not accusingly, "Did you notice that your shirt is a little tighter/more see-through/shorter?" Hehe :) If they say yeah and don't act like they're going to do anything about it, just tell them you'd feel more comfortable if they'd change.

Cameron said...

well i think if you told that to a nonmormon they wouldnt understand why you dont like the way they are dressed

Kyle Hendricks said...

What if it's someone that's way self-consious, and if they are of the same religion? You don't want to upset a Daughter of God.

Cameron said...

wow that is a REALLY hard question
just say as politely as possible
"I would feel safer, better, more respectful if you were to fix your shirt, change, etcetra."
Is the best i can give you