Friday, June 19, 2009

100th Post!

I'm feeling odd. Like my stomach is doing laps isnide itself. Sometimes I take a deep sigh and don't even realize I'm doing it until I hear myself doing it. It's odd.

That was totally random. xD

Anyway, I'm sorry that I don't post more, but I'm going to try harder.

Lately, as I've been online gaming, I realized something. I was reading Robert Jordan's The Wheel of Time series, and in it, there are the Aiel. (Ai-EEL)
"Till shade is gone, till water is gone, into the Shadow with teeth bared, screaming defiance with the last breath, to spit in Sightblinder’s eye on the last Day."
Sightblinder is the book's version of Satan, and in the book he is named Shai'Tan. Anyway, the part that impresses me is 'screaming defiance with the last breath'. I mean, the devil himself is standing in front of you and you're screaming defiance at him? That's pretty cool.
So I started thinking about it and I put it into my style of play in online games.
And guess what.
I got better. Instead of backing away and retreating, and firing, hoping that a bullet will hit their head, I charge them. "Screaming Defiance" is my battle cry. You aren't gonna take me down without a fight! I'm not gonna vanish into the night. I'm gonna go on, and I am not gonna give up until one of us is down.
So this is my challenge: Instead of running away from your fears, face them. Charge them down. Beat the fears that may haunt your sleep.

And never, ever, give up.


Kendra Logan said...

Awesome post! Inspiring. I'm gonna have to try that.

Rafé said...

Very nice realization.
Of course you should scream defiance at the devil.
Of course you should face your fears.

Its nice to someone sayin it.

Kyle Hendricks said...

It also makes sense to stop using the FREAKING WEAKEST gun IN GAME. Face it Jordan, the FAMAS SUCKS for FIREPOWER. G36E FTW.