Monday, June 29, 2009

Moab Memories

The first one was on the second day. All day river-run down the Colorado river, it was a blast. Dane kept pulling me into the water, and I got mad, which I should'nt have, but then when Bro. Wall suddenly disappeared in mid-sentence, that's when things got wet. Everyone was pulling someone else in--except Travis and I.

Dane was shoved in a lot, and then Bro. Wall got revenge on Dane by way of bucket-of-water.

Second favorite memory was the very first repell. After that first repel, it was natural for me. The only time I ever got scared was the third and final repel for the third day. The 170 foot cliff was exciting, but before we had even started going down, our guide, Jeff, would tell us to go back several feet and look down when he said so. Austin did it, and the look on his face when he looked down made everyone laugh. Until they looked down, that is.

Third favorite memory was on the fourth day, when we were repelling and we had to walk through some pot-holes. After Dane got out of one, he was standing in Jeff's way when Jeff had to point. So Jeff just shoves Dane off and into the water. And then he shoves Dane of again... and again... and AGAIN, and then Mac tried to get Jeff from behind, but Jeff almost threw Mac in, giving Dane enough time to get onto the shelf.
"Sorry Dane, but you kept getting in the way." Jeff smiled and Dane just shook his head.

Last favorite memory was on the fourth day also, when we repelled off an Arch. Zack and I were doing it together, and looking down the sheer edge of that arch is making my hands sweat as I'm typing. I went down below the arch and couldn't see Zach. He was farther up, but then we repelled down. The view was amazing. The edges of the cliff on my side was all mossy, and then it was all open space.

Thought I should post those. Anyway, have a good day!