Monday, June 15, 2009

A long update

Alright, where oh where to start.....

Josh is going to Ireland on Wednesday. No idea what the heck I'm going to do while he's gone. Although if I finish reading the Book of Mormon, then I get $200, which I'll use to buy a laptop. xD
Probably not a gaming laptop, but one to call my own.
I also scored 52 % Female and 48% Male on a Facebook quiz, and I'm pretty sure it's rigged, since "Cameron" got a 80% male and a 20% female score or something like that.
And because I was bored, I made a quiz about myself on FB. No idea if anyone will ever take it, but it seemed like a fun idea.
Stina/Cameron came to my house as a surprise. That was a lot of fun.
And my cousin is coming up around the 16th of July. Ashleigh and Parker, that'll be a ton of fun too. Then if I can somehow get Ember up here.... xD

So not really a huge update, but it was fun to type and revive my mostly dead blog.


Kendra Logan said...

You really need to post more.

I already commented on FB, but I'll say it again:

Cool that Stina showed up!!

Tell Josh I'm JEALOUS and to have a good time.

Cameron said...
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Cameron said...

Haha you could talk to your friends (aka Kendra and Cameron) while he is gone.... Good luck on the laptop! How much do you have saved up already? Hahah if it is rigged than it is rigged much more on me, seeing as I am a girl who got a some 80% of a guy score. Hahaha glad I could have given you some fun by showing up
suprisedly, I had and amazing time myself. Hey my blog is much more dead than yours, but I believe that is mostly because I used it to get rid of feelings of depression and life has been great lately.