Monday, March 7, 2011

Stolen from my Tumblr

I guess it's not really stolen if I say it... right? Anyway.

My friends

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. They inspire me, move me, love me, help me, learn with me, live alongside me and complete me in a fashion that few other things ever will. They stand beside me when the world’s not going my way. I hope I’m always at their side when they need me - no; even when they don’t need me, I want to be there. I love every single one so much. They mean more to me than they can imagine.

They stood beside me when I needed them. My fear that they wouldn’t was unfounded and unfaithful. I am sorry for that.

The hardest thing about the thought about leaving on my mission is the feeling I get of me missing out on their experiences. On their trials, their journey’s and experiences. I’m going to miss them… for maybe an entire day out of two years. After that, sorry guys, I’m gonna be too far into my mission and too focused on doing His work to worry too much about you.

But I swear, if you guys DON’T WRITE ME, I’m gonna… scripture quote you to death. Or something. >_>