Friday, January 1, 2010

First post of 2010

Reminiscing over the awesomeness and fails of last year. The first on my list would have to be meeting Kendra, since that also happened really early in '09. So far she's been an awesome friend and I've been encouraging her (lol) to write, and she's done the same to me. :D

Secondly would be meeting Stina. I think I met her just a few days after I met Kendra. :D

Third would be getting a netbook for my birthday. This thing has been the most useful device for me. Although the version of XP that I had seemed to have “I'm a Netbook running XP with no anti-virus, come after me!” written along it in every language (including LOLcat), so I installed Ubuntu Netbook Remix.

Fourth, I'd have to say was celebrating the anniversary of BREAKING MY ARM. THAT was FAIL, especially since there was a soccer goal post about a hundred feet away on that day, TAUNTING ME.
And Kirstin turned 1. She's so cute! :D

Another would be making this blog. I don't care if I did it in '08 or w/e, I LOVE WRITING IN IT and I KNOW I DON'T DO IT ENOUGH!

I'll think of more later I have got to go to bed. I feel really sick right now. :l


Kendra Logan said...

WooT, me :D Lols. Yeah, there's tons of stuff I wouldn't have written if you hadn't helped me out.

Kirstin = AWESOMEEE :)

And I'm sorry you feel sick :'(


Cameron said...

It has been an awesome year indeed.
Nice meeting ya!!!