Sunday, January 24, 2010

Haven't Posted in a while

Been keeping my journal for the past 11 days. It's interesting how much can happen between now and then.

Before I go to sleep I:
Read as much as I can of an assigned book (Usually about 50 pages of Imperium)
Read 1 chapter of the BoM
Do +4 push-ups of however many I did last night (4, 8, 12, 16, 20)

Aside from that my days have been rather unproductive. Mostly I've been talking to Kendrabelle and Andre and Cavender, but last night I tried to get Windows 7 on here. Apparently I'm missing a few files though, because it comes up with the error "Bootcgm" or something like that is missing/corrupt, and to press Ctrl + Alt + Del to restart. When trying that, the buttons didn't work.
Big surprise.

There should be another person posting on this blog, which is also me. Due to a lot of things I switched emails. Mostly it was because I was sick of seeing JangoJordan instead of the name I'd made up for myself: Kyrenius.


Kyrenius-X2 said...


Kendrabelle Logan said...

LOLS! Hehe XD :P

I'm glad you've kept up with journaling. I love it, it's such a great way to sort things out and then later remember what happened during your life and stuff.

That's a good routine. Mine is...a little bit non-existent XD Usually it's brush teeth, etc. then journal, text someone (XD), then fall asleep before I even get the reply message XD

D: Sorry you're still having problems with 7. :-/ Sucks.

Lols, nice new account. I logged into Blogger today:

"Ooh! Another follower!
Ohhh, right, lols, it's Kyle XD"

Still, I like seeing the 98 up there, so ty :D