Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Today has been an extremely amazing day

Today, one year ago, I met Kendra. So far we've gotten to know each other extremely well, and she and I think of each other as more siblings than long-distance friends.

We're both interested in the same things and (usually) like the same books.
Now if only she'd actually finish a book. :P
We're holding a competition between the two of us. Whoever reaches 10,000 words before the 16th wins. 16th at 4 O'clock. She's pretty pessimistic about it, but I'm confident that this will be a close struggle. Honestly I'm thinking something along the lines of "BRING IT ON SISTAH!"

Apparently I got tagged in the Happy award. I'll have to post that tomorrow since I'm rather busy testing out and watching.

It's a 3D black widow spider. It turns like "\" when hovering over a text entry field, it turns towards the screen and starts moving its legs when the computer is loading, it starts spinning a web when the the CPU is taking a lot of load and is loading, and it's extremely realistic. When the mouse isn't moving, it moves its front legs.
And I love it. :D


Hillshum said...

Black Widow cursor what? Me want!

Kyle Hendricks said...

That's the address for it. You know how to install cursors right?

Hillshum said...

I'll figure it out

Kyle Hendricks said...

Lol, okay. I love it so far. :D

Kendrabelle Logan said...

:D Yay, lols XD I'm gonna write TONS this afternoon...hopefully...