Saturday, January 9, 2010

I'd Forgotten how much fun Editing was!

Yesterday at dance, they all sat down and talked and watched their performance... so I was bored. I opened my netbook and opened "Tattered flesh working.odt" and started reading. So far all I've done is a few small line edits and one big scene adaptation, but I'm really focusing on the big picture and marking the things that don't make sense or are contradictions.

There was a major plot that I decided to kill half-way through writing it. There was gonna be this necromancer that was controlling the zombies, and he was going to kidnap Adrian and then Tyro was going to become some sort of beast-slayer, but I decided not to do that. I like what I did for this version a lot more.
I'm only at page 40 of 228, but I'll be done reading it really soon. Then comes the plot structure editing. :D


Hillshum said...

Meanwhile, I played Globulation2!

Kyle Hendricks said...

That's what you were playing! I gotta get that game for my Netbook.... if it can handle it. >.<

Cameron said...

yay hes finally editing