Sunday, January 24, 2010

Odd Dream

There were these four kids going through these ancient ruins. The ground was a kind of dark tan tile and the ruins were spaced several hundred feet apart, holding up a vast ceiling of granite. They split up into two groups and walked off. A small girl and I went off to the right.

There had been reports of a giant spider and a massive cat lurking there, somewhere, and for some insane reason us four had been sent to investigate. Maybe the police just hadn't wanted to lose the members of their team and sent us in. I don't remember.
Anyway, after a few minutes of walking towards a larger structure with rings of sandstone coming off on each side, the girl disappeared, which I didn't comment on for some reason.

I walked through an archway into the larger part and felt and heard something massive move from above. I looked up and saw a massive spider, easily the length of a bus, towering over me, nestled in the sandstone and granite structure. It moved very quickly and one of its legs shot out and grabbed one of the other "kids". Poor Captain Kirk.

Kirk squirmed as the spider slammed him into the wall and then webbed him stuck there. I would've laughed at Kirk's face, but right then the cat came out of nowhere. One of the spiders legs shot down and smacked me on the face, and I blacked out.

I woke up and I'm invisible. Like, I know my body is there, and I can feel it there, but I couldn't see it. I blinked and sat up and saw the spiders face materialize right in front of me. It blinked and then lunged, and the dream seemed to reset itself.

Me, the girl, Kirk and the other girl were there. (The girls had no identities. I never saw their faces in the dream, and I didn't pay attention to their body type, so they could be anyone.)

The layout was the same, but I had my memories of what had happened the last time. I ran to where the Cat had come from and looked inside a small hole. Two white eyes looked out at me and blinked. I fell backward and scuttled towards the far wall of the oval-like cavern that was somehow well lit.

The cat started talking. In a somewhat familiar voice the cat said, "You're lucky to come to me. I won't kill you as slowly as that spider when it digests."
I gulped and grabbed a stick lying behind me and started batting at it. The spider lunged over me with super-speed and just shot across the open area. I looked to where I thought it was and blinked, and suddenly the cat was right in front of me. It swiped at me and scratched my face up, and then light came up from the back of the cats body and a voice said in my mind, "Here is the power of healing."

Then I blinked and woke up at my Grandma Jarman's house, where there was this pretty large wolf spider on the counter. It looked at me and time warped almost three weeks. It was spring and the spider had grown to the length of a golden retriever. The fangs along were scary enough, but the spider wasn't hostile. It ate pork and that was it, and it didn't even do the weirdo digestive thing. It had a mouth behind its pincers and just ate the pork. NOM NOM NOM.

The weirdest thing about it though was that the entire family was fine with this massive arachnid that lived on the counter. I don't think we ever named him, but as time went on (I'm talking months) the spider got more armor growing on it. It looked more like a whip-scorpion at the end. It even had those two antennae (Mom called them "Feeler-things").

After a while of Kendrabelle texting me (which I was more than mostly asleep through), I fell back asleep and then finished the dream with a bunch of foreign cousins coming over and trying to eat the spider. It didn't really like that and ended up running out the front door, screaming like an old lady.

I have weird dreams.


Kyrenius-X2 said...

When I woke up I had this mental image of Kirk still stuck in the wall. It made me laugh. :D