Thursday, January 7, 2010

Jaxon has an Interesting way of Speaking

My little 4 year-old brother, Jaxon, has an interesting way of speaking.

I'll list how I say it and how he'd say it.

Me: Time to go to bed [name].
Jaxon: [name] ur go to bed.
Yeah, you read that right, "Ur". He can't pronounce "Your" or "You're", he just says "Ur". It's hilarious!
Me: We're going to the store.
Jaxon: Store? Jurdin are we [mumble] STORE!?
Me: Yes Jaxon, we're going to the store.

Me: Jaxon, it's time to go to bed.
Jaxon: No you! Ur go to bed Jurdin!

It's 11 here and I'm kinda hyper cuz I'm getting windows 7 and so yeah. Blame lack of sleep for the odd post. :P


Kendra Logan said...

I loved the post, of course, considering Jaxon is like my favorite little kid EVER.

Jurdin, lols, I love that...

~Kendrabelle (gotta get used to adding that "belle".)

Kyle Hendricks said...

Actually usually he says "Jur'in". I'm lucky to get the "D". :)

Cameron said...

hahah tiz amazing
so did you finally get windows 7??
couldnt you have left it running and gone to sleep?